1925 Stone Mountain, 1936 Gettysburg & 1937 Antietam Silver Half DollarTrio, Very Fine to MS-63

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1925 Stone Mountain Silver Half Dollar, Very Fine. This single-date tribute to 'the Valor of the Soldier of the South' was the most subscribed one-year-only U.S. commemorative coin until the modern series began in 1982. Profits helped fund the carving of giant Confederate soldiers on Stone Mountain in Georgia. Very Fine quality.  

1936 Gettysburg Silver Half Dollar, MS-63. In the midst of the Great Depression, just 26,928 of these silver half dollars were minted, making this a key scarcity in the classic commemorative series. Shown are elderly veterans of the Civil War's greatest battle, in anticipation of the Blue and Gray Reunion at Gettysburg on the 75th anniversary. The reverse shows a double-bladed fasces separating Union and Confederate shields. Our impressive above-average MS-63 quality features crisp details and nice luster.  

1937 Antietam Silver Half Dollar, MS-63. Released for the 75th anniversary of Antietam, this coin had a total mintage of merely 18,028 and is the rarest Civil War commemorative. It displays Generals Robert E. Lee and George B. McClellan, who commanded opposing forces during the 1862 standoff in Maryland; the bloodiest single-day battle of the Civil War. The three stars near Lee and two near McClellan indicate their high rank. On the reverse is Burnside Bridge, the key focus of the battle. With virtually no wear, this MS-63 quality is especially sought after by collectors.