1993-1997 U.S. Mint Set Collection

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1993-1997 Mint Set Collection. Mintages for these five 10 to 11-coin sets range from 950,473 to 1,457,949. These production numbers are lower than any U.S. mint sets in the previous six years and substantially less than the 4.9 million sets produced in 1976.

Collection Highlight: The 1996 set also includes a "W" Roosevelt dime. The U.S. branch mint at West Point had previously struck only some modern commemoratives and silver and gold eagles. As an experiment in 1996, a regular U.S. Brilliant Uncirculated dime was planned with the distinctive W-mintmark. However, the dime was issued only in the 1996 mint set, whose production ended at just 1.5 million. Since none entered commerce, this W dime is especially coveted.

Each of these sets is assembled in a sealed transparent plastic pack to protect the beauty of the coins. Included are specially struck Brilliant Uncirculated specimens of the Philadelphia and Denver cents, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars.