2019 Kookaburra, Britannia & Maple Leaf 1 Oz. Silver Dollar Trio

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Australia 2019 Kookaburra 1 Oz. Brilliant Uncirculated. This silver Kookaburra from Down Under is the latest addition to Australia's very popular Bullion Coin Program. The big beautiful dollar contains an ounce of investment grade .999 silver and features a mintage cap of 500,000. Desirable for both its silver content and numismatic value, this 2019 one-year-only engraving shows a kookaburra perched on a tree partially submerged in a gently rippling waterway. Known as the "laughing bird," this Australian species' call is reminiscent of human laughter.

Great Britain 2019 Britannia 1 Oz. Silver Brilliant Uncirculated. Often called a "sister coin" to the U.S. silver eagle, these issues are the British equivalent bullion option. Just like our silver eagle, each contains one troy ounce of .999 investment-grade silver. These coins have been produced by the Royal British Mint since 1997 and are eagerly sought after by collectors as well as investors. Each features the beautiful Britannia, who is an ancient symbol of that island nations strength and unity. The exquisitely detailed engraving shows the windblown goddess armed with a trident, shield and helmet. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the world's longest-reigning monarch, graces the obverse of these immensely popular collectors items.

Canada 2019 Maple Leaf 1 Oz. Silver Brilliant Uncirculated. Struck by the award-winning Royal Canadian Mint, this is one of the world's most loved silver coins. Recently added anti-counterfeit measures include small radial lines creating a pattern across the coin and a leaf-shaped micro-security mark. The distinctive minting includes a unique proof-like reverse as well as raised engravings, mirror effects and a satin-finish background. Minted in purest 99.99% fine silver, each coin contains precisely one troy ounce of pure silver.