Freedom Girl & Buffalo 1 Oz. Silver Round Pair

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Freedom Girl 1 Oz. Silver Round. This big custom-minted Freedom Girl medallion contains one full ounce of .999 fine investment grade silver. Featured on the obverse is a loose remake of the popular classic design found on the historic Peace dollar. The modern beauty with waves of flowing hair, contrasts nicely with the reverse engraving of an elaborate shield. This coin is part of the very popular "Silver Bullet Silver Shield" series which features silver medallions with images of historical significance.

Buffalo 1 Oz. Silver Round. This silver issue is about one tenth the cost of the elusive Buffalo nickel silver dollar! When the U.S. Mint's Buffalo nickel silver dollar commemorative was released it quickly sold out. The immensely popular commemorative now retails for $350. But today you pay much, much less for this larger, privately minted 1oz. .999 silver Buffalo nickel tribute.