U.S. 1878 Eight-Tail Feather and Seven-Tail Feather Morgan Silver Dollar Pair Very Fine

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1878 Philadelphia Eight-Tail Feather Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. Struck only by the principal Philadelphia Mint, this historic first Morgan dollar had an abbreviated mintage of just 750,000. The Mint Director stopped production after an ornithologist protested that eagles always have an odd number of tail feathers. Later Morgan dollars were struck with seven-tail feather eagles. Our Very Fine quality clearly displays detailing.

1878 Philadelphia Seven-Tail Feather Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. This first-year 1878 seven-tail feather Philadelphia Mint issue replaced the original eight-tail feather Morgan dollar. This first seven-tail feather type was actually short-lived as well; its flat-breast eagle design was quickly changed to a convex-breast eagle, which became the standard in the series. Nicely detailed Very Fine quality.