U.S. 1878-S & 1891-S Morgan Silver Dollar Pair Brilliant Uncirculated

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1878-S  San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated. The San Francisco Mint had only recently been opened and its minting equipment was state-of-the-art; its entire focus was on producing the new Morgan silver dollar. The result of the new equipment, extra time and ardent specialization was Morgan silver dollars of superlative quality. In fact, the first five San Francisco Mint Morgan issues are regarded as the most beautifully struck in the entire series. This 1878-S Morgan silver dollar was not only the very first S-mint and in the top rung of quality, but its also remained the SCARCEST of the four 1878-1881 earliest S-mint dates beloved by collectors. Comparatively few were saved because of an initial shortage in commerce, (this Morgan date was the first silver dollar issued for American use in years) and relatively few people could afford to save one in pristine quality, because it had impressive buying power in its day.

1891-S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated. Its estimated that about 1% of the 1891-S Morgan dollars original output may survive today in mint-state quality. That's an exceptionally low BU survival rate. The reason is that a very high proportion were held in reserve at the Treasury and banks and later lost in the huge U.S. government melts during the World Wars. San Francisco Mint Morgans are highly regarded for excellent strikes, so the BU silver dollar you'll receive will have the crisp engravings S-mintmark Morgans are noted for.