U.S. 1878-S & 1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar Pair Very Fine

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1878-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. Of the 1878-1882 five first San Francisco Mint Morgans considered the best struck in the 95-issue series, this original 1878-S issue is the scarcest overall. It introduced the Morgan silver dollar to the Wild West at a time when the recently opened San Francisco Mint was America's finest coin-producing facility. The S-mint boasted the latest minting equipment and specialized in silver dollars. Our nicely detailed Very Fine quality saw comparatively light circulation.

1892-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. It's the second rarest Morgan circulation issue in mint-state quality — selling for over $50,000, when one can be found. However, this San Francisco Mint issue is reasonably affordable in our clearly detailed Very Fine quality. As few as 15,000 may survive in VF or higher grades, since relatively few entered commerce and just a few score BUs survived government melts.