U.S. 1879-O & 1880-O Morgan Silver Dollar Pair, Extra Fine

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1879-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine.  Only 2.9 million of these first O-mint issues were struck at the reconstituted New Orleans Mint in 1879.  During that same year, 14.8 million were struck at Philadelphia and 9.1 million at San Francisco.  Today it's estimated that 18 times more 1879-S Morgan BUs survive than 1879-O BUs!  One reason is that more O-mint issues entered circulation to help revive the southern economy devastated by the Civil War.  This Extra Fine quality features sharp designs and light wear at the highest points.  You'd pay four figures for a BU issue!   

1880-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine.  Today it's estimated that as few as 12,000 of these 1880-O Morgans may survive in BU quality.  A relatively large proportion of the mintage entered commerce or was later lost in 20th century government melts.  That low survival rate leaves far fewer available today that any other 1880 Morgan issue even the very costly 1880-CC silver dollar.  Exhibiting sharp designs, our Extra Fine quality is a great option when compared to the $225 cost of an 1880-O BU issue.