U.S. 1880-CC & 1892-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Pair Extra Fine

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Now: $1,050.00
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1880-CC Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. Just 495,000 of these tough-to-find Carson City Mint dollars were struck in 1880. That output was less than 2% of the total 1880 mintage. Today, specimens in BU condition sell for $1,195 — that puts added market pressure on circulated grades, which makes this Extra Fine quality specimen a great option for collectors.

1892-CC Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. With a production of just 1,352,000, this "key scarcity" 1892-CC Morgan proved to be the next-to-last CC Morgan dollar issued as the legendary Carson City Mint stopped coin production after 1893. A silver dollar encyclopedia estimates that less than 5% of the original mintage remain in Extra Fine quality or higher grades. A Brilliant Uncirculated specimen can fetch upwards of $3,000. 

These coveted CC mintmarked Morgans are getting much harded to locate in any grade and their price often makes them a challenging aquisition. That makes the Extra Fine quality specimens like the ones we are offering here an especially good opportunity for collectors.