U.S. 1880-P, O & S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated Trio

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1880 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar BU. A silver dollar encyclopedia estimates that as little as 2% of the 1880 (no-mintmark) Philadelphia mintage survives today in original Brilliant Uncirculated quality. Other issues from that period are up to 18 times more plentiful in mint-state condition. The vast majority of the 1880 Philadelphia mintage was lost forever in government melts during the World Wars. Our Brilliant Uncirculated quality has nice original luster and no sign of wear.

1880-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar BU. This early New Orleans Mint Morgan dollar is quite scarce in mint-state condition, although a good number of circulated specimens have survived. A silver dollar encyclopedia estimates that as few as 12,000 may survive in the Brilliant Uncirculated quality we offer or higher grades. The tremendous U.S. government melts of the 20th century were especially devastating to this issue.

1880-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar BU. In 1880, at the height of the Wild West era, the Morgan dollar was the only silver coin struck by the San Francisco Mint. Consequently, special care was lavished on the production of these big silver coins. The 1880-S is often singled out, with the 1881-S issue, as one of the most beautifully struck circulation Morgan silver dollars in the long running series. Fewer than 20% of the original issue's mintage remain today in this Brilliant Uncirculated quality.