U.S. 1881-O, 1883-S, 1903-P, 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar Collection, Very Fine

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1881-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. While 5.7 million Morgans were struck at the New Orleans branch mint in 1881, it's authoritatively estimated that as few as 165,000 may survive today in mint-state quality. That puts added pressure on circulated issues like our nicely detailed Very Fine quality.

1883-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. The state-of-the-art San Francisco Mint turned out what are universally regarded as the most beautiful Morgan dollars with silver from bonanza mines such as Comstock and Tombstone. But by the mid-1880s, these mines were producing less silver so mintages fell dramatically. The 1883-S San Francisco mintage was just 6.2 million, about half the number produced there just two years before. Mint-state 1883-S Morgans sell for almost $1,500, but you can get nice circulated quality for less than 4% of that price.

1903 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. Overall, 1903 is the toughest to find 20th century date in the Morgan series. Of the three 1903 Morgan issues, this no-mintmark Philadelphia dollar is vastly more affordable than the extremely scarce New Orleans or hard-to-find San Francisco issues. That price differential puts added pressure on this historic coin. Our Very Fine quality saw only light circulation in American commerce and retains major detailing.

1921-D Denver Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine. The Denver Mint began producing coinage in 1906, two years after the Morgan series had been suspended. In 1921, the series was briefly revived, with engravings carrying less relief and micro mintmarks. Denver's 1921 Morgan carried the only micro-D mintmark of the series.