U.S. 1882-P & S Morgan Silver Dollar Pair Very Fine

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1882 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar, Very Fine. Morgan mintages steadily rose in the 1880s, when silver was still pouring out of the great Western mines. But unlike other coins of the day, many Morgans were held in reserve at banks and issuing mints and later vast quantities of these Morgans were lost in government melts; therefore original mintages can be very deceiving in relation to the actual number of Morgans now surviving for individual issues. For example, this 1882 Philadelphia Morgan had an original mintage of 11,100,000. Today, fewer than 10% of that number are estimated to survive in our Very Fine quality or better quality.

1882-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar, Very Fine. The 1878-1882 first five San Francisco Mint Morgans are considered the best-struck in the 95-issue series. At the time, the recently opened S-Mint had the nation's finest coin-producing equipment and specialized in Morgan silver dollars. The 1882-S issue is vastly scarcer than the most popularly collected 1880-S and 1881-S Morgans of the fabulous five earliest S-Mint Morgan issues. In fact, it's even more elusive than the 1878-S and 1879-S issues in the nicely detailed Very Fine quality we offer or higher grades.