U.S. 1885-P Morgan Silver Dollar & 1925-P Peace Silver Dollar Pair, Brilliant Uncirculated

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1885 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar, Brilliant Uncirculated. Morgan silver dollar mintages steadily rose in the 1880s, when silver was still pouring out of the great Western mines. But unlike other coins of the day, many Morgan dollars were held in reserve at banks and issuing mints. Vast quantities of these Morgans were later lost in government melts, therefore original mintages can be deceiving in relation to the actual number now surviving for individual issues. Today as little as 6% of the original 17.8 million mintage of the 1885 Philadelphia Morgan is estimated to survive in this beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

1925 Philadelphia Peace Silver Dollar, Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1925, the Philadelphia Mint's production was only about 20% of the peak 1922 Peace dollar mintage (because of a series quota, outputs gradually diminished). The 1925 issue was generally better struck than early dates   it's known for crisp detailing and fine luster. After huge World War II melts, well under 10% of its original limited mintage may survive today in the beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated quality we offer.