U.S. 1886-O, 1899-O & 1902-O Morgan Silver Dollar Trio, Very Fine

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1886-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1886, the New Orleans Mint struck nothing but Morgan silver dollars. But relatively few seem to have been kept in storage or a phenomenally high proportion was lost in later melts. Today, the 1886-O is genuinely rare in mint-state quality, with even average BUs retailing for about $1,500. In the Very Fine quality we offer or higher grades, as few as 1% of its original mintage is estimated to exist today.  

1899-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, Brilliant Uncirculated. This New Orleans Mint issue costs the least of 1899 Morgans today, yet its still relatively scarce. A much larger supply of some early O-Mint Morgan dates survives. A 90% silver dollar had big purchasing power around the turn of the century: just one could buy a handsome wood parlor table from the Sears catalog, when many Americans still earned only a dollar for a long days labor. Our clearly detailed Very Fine quality passed through commerce over a hundred years ago.  

1902-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, Brilliant Uncirculated. Over five decades ago, the 1902-O New Orleans Mint issue was one of the key rarities in the Morgan silver dollar series. In the early 1960s, mint-state quality sold for over one hundred pre-inflation dollars. Numerous bags were discovered in the last U.S. Treasure silver dollar releases. Today, it's an affordable addition to your collection in our nicely detailed Very Fine quality.