U.S. 1886-S, 1892-S & 1901-S Morgan Silver Dollar Trio Extra Fine

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1886-S, 1892-S and 1901-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar Trio, Extra Fine. For many Morgan dates, far fewer San Francisco issues were output than Philadelphia or Denver coins. These three S-mint issues had productions of just 2.5% to 19% of their respective year's totals. Their low mintage numbers mean that these coins are tough to find and are priced accordingly. Wise collectors know that acquiring the highest grade coin they can afford is always a good practice. Extra Fine quality is often a great choice for issues that are scarce in the collectible marketplace; they are more affordable than BU and still feature sharp detailing with light wear on the coin's highest points. In mint-state quality, these three issues cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars the 1892-S in BU quality comes with a price tag of $50,000!