U.S. 1891-O, 1892-P, 1892-O Morgan Silver Dollar Trio, About Uncirculated

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Now: $399.00
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About Uncirculated coins are often a great choice for savvy collectors. About Uncirculated coins boast original mint luster, but unlike mint-state issues, have a trace of wear at the highest points of the coin's design.

1891-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated. Mint-state issues retail for $475, but you pay only a fraction of that for lustrous About Uncirculated quality. These circulated 1891 New Orleans dollars are much scarcer than average in the series — others have as many as 20 times more remaining.

1892 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated. This 1892 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollar in AU quality is just one step down from mint-state — in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, this issue would retail at $725! 

1892-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated. Its 2.7 million mintage was the lowest up to that point in the Morgan series with an O-mintmark. It's a real scarcity in the series, with probably less than 1% of its original mintage surviving in mint-state quality. Get beautiful About Uncirculated quality for just 29% of its regular BU price of $375.