U.S. 1914 Horseblanket $5, $10 & $20 Very Good Trio

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1914 U.S. $20 Federal Reserve Horseblanket Note. "Progress in action" on land, air and sea is the theme of this big horseblanket note. At left is a speeding locomotive flanked by a family roadster below and bi-plane aloft. On the right is a massive transatlantic ship entering New York harbor, surrounded by the Statue of Liberty, the city's skyline and a tugboat. The obverse cameo presents President Grover Cleveland. Very Good.

1914 U.S. $10 Horseblanket Note. By 1914, agriculture and industry carried about equal weight in the U.S. economy, and they get balanced play on this great classic. The idyllic farm scene with horse-driven plow contrasts with an industrial sprawl belching smoke Ì´ÌÔ it still makes people wonder a bit about progress. Its horseblanket dimensions are over an inch wider and half an inch deeper than modern U.S. currency. Very Good quality.

1914 U.S. $5 Horseblanket Note. This doubly dramatic horseblanket note is a great collector favorite. It combines an 1869 engraving of Columbus and crew discovering America with a beautifully matched tribute to the 1620 Pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock. The obverse displays the familiar Lincoln portrait in oversize form. Seals and borders differ from later $5 bills. Our Very Good quality retains clear designs.