U.S. 1925-S & 1926-S Peace Silver Dollar Pair Extra Fine

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1925-S San Francisco Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine. The San Fransciso Mint's peace dollar production drastically fell in the mid-1920s. Its 1925-S mintage of just 1.6 million amounted to merely 8% of the 1923-S production. In fact, it was the lowest single mintage in the series from 1922 to 1926. Today, a silver dollar encyclopedia estimates that as few as 22,000 may survive in mint-state quality, which puts added pressure on the limited number available in circulated grades.

1926-S San Francisco Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine. The 1926-S Peace dollar production rose to 6.9 million, but as few as 1% of the original mintage are estimated to survive in mint-state. By contrast, BU specimens of the peak-production 1922 Philadelphia issue are believed to be over 50 times as plentiful as this 1926-S issue is today.