U.S. 1927-P & 1934-P Peace Silver Dollar Pair Brilliant Uncirculated

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1927 and 1934 Philadelphia Peace Silver Dollar Pair, Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1927, the principal Philadelphia Mint produced just 848,000 Peace silver dollars for commerce. It was the lowest individual mint production in the series up to that point and proved to be the second lowest in the series' 1921-1935 span. Only the 1928 Philadelphia issue had fewer produced. Expert opinion holds that as few as 15,000 of the 1927 Philadelphia issue may exist in mint-state quality. Brilliant Uncirculated.

Suspended after its quota was reached in 1928, the Peace dollar series was briefly revived in 1934-1935. Five more issues emerged, the lowest-mintage of these was the 1934 Philadelphia, with a total of just 954,057 struck for circulation.