U.S. 1956, 1957 & 1958 Proof Set Trio

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Classic status, limited mintages and silver coinage make this trio of 1950s proof sets an appealing acquisition for any collector! In the 1950s, proof set outputs were extremely low. The 1956 proof set had a production of just 669,384 output and the 1958 set's output was 875,652. In 1957, the year's mintage was 1.2 million the first time proof set production was over a million. Mintage numbers have risen since and have never gotten that low again. Each of these vintage proof sets were produced at the Philadelphia Mint and each contain a 90% silver dime, quarter and half dollar. Many of these sets were broken up to obtain individual Franklin proofs, which were only issued as part of complete sets, resulting in even fewer intact sets for collectors today.