U.S. 1973 & 1978 Mint Set Pair

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THE BOOKENDS OF AMERICA`S MINT SETS CONTAINING BIG DOLLARS The circulation Ike dollar series had begun in 1971, not long after the beloved American leader`s death. But no copper-nickel Eisenhower dollars were included in U.S. mint sets until 1973. That year witnessed the first mint set with dollar coins in the nation`s history (U.S. mint sets began to be issued in 1947 and previously included only cent through half dollar denominations). Despite its landmark inclusion of the big Ike dollars, the 1973 mint set`s total mintage was just 1,767,691 the lowest of that decade, when regular annual mintages reached as high as 2,750,000. Just five years later, the 1978 U.S. mint set would become the last to include traditional-size dollars. The 1979 mint set introduced the new small-size Susan B. Anthony dollar, supplanting the impressive Eisenhower dollar. Thus the 1978 mint set was the last to contain issues of all six presidential U.S. coins the end of a brief era. Its 2,162,609 mintage is well below the 1979 set`s. Each of these mint sets contains perfect Brilliant Uncirculated specimens of all coin denominations struck for commerce in that year by the issuing mints for the date. Both include no-mintmark Philadelphia and D-mintmark Denver issues of the cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar. The 1973 mint set also includes an S-mintmark San Francisco cent.