U.S. 1991, 2002, 2004 & 2008 Commemorative Silver Dollars Brilliant Uncirculated & Proof

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U.S. 1991 Korea Silver Dollar BU: Shown on the obverse of this 90% silver commemorative is an American infantryman advancing up a hill, as sabre jets provide support overhead. Below is an armada of U.S. ships, recalling General MacArthur's successful Inchon landing, which led to the defeat of many North Korean invaders. The reverse features a map of North and South Korea with the American Eagle guarding the freedom of South Koreans. The coin commemorated the 1953 ceasefire. Beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Almost three times as many were produced in proof quality.

U.S. 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Silver Dollar Proof:

This 90% silver coin was issued in honor of the 2002 Winter Olympic games held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The engraving features a stylized snowflake superimposed over the Games' secondary identity mark entitled Rhythm of the Land. The reverse design echoes the same angular look and features the skyline of Salt Lake City with the Rocky Mountains in the background. This finest-quality proof features deep-struck engravings with frosted finishes, contrasting with mirror backgrounds.

U.S. 2004 Lewis and Clark Silver Dollar BU:

In 1804, at President Thomas Jefferson's request, Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark set out on their famous exploration of the vast Northwest Territories acquired by the U.S. in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Shown on the 90% silver dollar are the intrepid travelers deciding which route to take in the unknown regions. The reverse displays the Peace and Friendship emblem and Indian feathers, representing Native American help in the great venture. Far fewer were produced in this Brilliant Uncirculated quality as compared to proof issues.

U.S. 2008 Bald Eagle Silver Dollar BU: This 90% silver tribute was struck to celebrate the recovery and restoration of the American Bald Eagle and to mark the 35th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. Shown on the obverse is a majestic American eagle soaring over the landscape. The reverse features a replica of the first Great Seal of the United States. Almost two and a half times as many proof specimens were produced in comparison to these Brilliant Uncirculated issues.