U.S. 2003, 2004 & 2005 Proof and Mint Sets

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The U.S. Mint inaugurated the popular 50 State Quarter Program in 1999 greatly increasing the size of the yearly proof and mint sets. In 2003 the 10-coin proof set and 20-coin mint set included the years regular issues as well as commemorative quarters with one-year-only designs honoring Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri and Arkansas.  

The 2004 and 2005 proof and mint sets grew even larger as they featured special Westward Journey Jefferson nickels, along with the statehood quarters. These sets were the largest to date with 11 coins in each proof set and 22 coins in each mint set. Featured in the 2004 sets are Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin commemorative quarters as well as both the "Peace Medal" and "Keelboat" nickels. The "Bison" and "Ocean" nickel designs and statehood quarters from California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas and West Virginia are part of the big 2005 sets.