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U.S. Dollars

  • 1881-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    Only a very limited number of these 1881 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollars remain in collectible quality. While 9.2 million of the 90% silver issues were struck, today it's estimated that less than 2% of that number survives in mint-state quality, which...

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    U.S. Eisenhower Silver Dollars 1976-S Type I & II Proof

    1976-S Eisenhower Dollar Variety I & II Pair Proof

    In 1976, two different versions of the Eisenhower dollar were output. They were produced in celebration of Americas Bicentennial and both display the unique dual date 1776-1976. Although the Type I dollar had a much lower mintage than the Type II, both...

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  • U.S. Peace Silver Dollar 1921-P Very Fine

    1921-P Peace Silver Dollar Very Fine

    America's last circulating silver dollar originated in 1921 with an issue struck exclusively by the principal Philadelphia Mint in crisp high-relief, beginning on December 26 and ending on December 31. In 1922, a total of 84 million Peace silver dollars...

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    U.S. 2000-P Leif Ericson Silver Dollar Proof

    2000-P Leif Ericson Silver Dollar Proof

    The adventurous Viking Leif Ericson is generally believed to be the first European to set foot on North America. He found a land of plenty which he named "Vinland." This commemorative issue honors the millennium of that historic trip. The obverse...

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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1896-P Very Fine

    1896-P Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

    The greatest scarcities in the Morgan silver dollar series occur in the Rare Decade of the 1890s. After the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was repealed in 1893, Morgan dollar mintages temporarily plummeted. By 1896, mintages were again on the rise, but...

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  • U.S. Eisenhower Dollar 1971-S 40% Silver Proof

    1971-S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Proof

    This was the first silver dollar proof issued to the general public by the U.S. Mint (the few made earlier are rare and extremely costly). It revived the traditional-size silver dollar which had been suspended after the final 1935 Peace silver dollar...

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  • U.S. Peace Silver Dollar 1922-P Brilliant Uncirculated

    1922-P Peace Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

    The Peace dollar emerged after World War I and was America's last silver dollar struck for circulation. The inscription PEACE appears on the rock on which the vigilant American Eagle stands guard for freedom, in the brilliant dawn of a new era. On the...

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