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U.S. Dollars

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    1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar MS-65 ANACS

    We've come across a small collection of 1880-S MS-65 Morgan dollars in older ANACS slabs. Not only are they in older slabs which many collectors prefer, but these special coins also feature proof-like obverses and lovely rainbow toning. In 1880,...

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  • 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    The 1881-S San Francisco Mint Morgan silver dollar is regarded by most numismatists as the best struck among all the circulation issues in the lengthy series. The then-new San Francisco facility was America’s finest mint of the day and...

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  • 1890-S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

    After the first five San Francisco Mint Morgan issues of 1878-1882, S-mintmark BUs become really tough to find. The 1890-S San Francisco Mint issue is at the most affordable level of S-Mint Morgan BUs in the 1883-1904 span. S Morgans from these years...

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  • 1890-S Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    Morgan mintages in the 1880s had been substantial, so few 1890 issues needed to enter commerce. Of those saved in reserve, vast numbers were later lost in government melts. Today, it's estimated that 6-7% remain in collectible condition. San Francisco...

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  • 1897-S Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    1897-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. S-Mint Morgans from the latter part of the series can be tough to find and pricey in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. It's estimated that as few as 75,000 mint-state 1897-S Morgans may survive...

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  • 1899-S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

    Fewer Morgan silver dollars were minted in Philadelphia in 1899 than in San Francisco. But only one-third as many 1899-S BUs are estimated to survive today. In fact just 1% of the 1899-S issue’s 2.5 million production may remain in mint-state...

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    1925-S Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    1925-S San Francisco Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine. The San Fransciso Mint`s peace dollar production drastically fell in the mid-1920s. Its 1925-S mintage of just 1.6 million amounted to merely 8% of the 1923-S production. In fact, it was the lowest...

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    1926-S Peace Silver Dollar About Uncirculated

    Due to a Congressional quota, Peace dollar production drastically fell in the mid-1920s. This 1926-S San Francisco issue had a mintage only about 40% of the first S-mintmark production of the series in 1922. Perhaps as few as 75,000 AU or higher grade...

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