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U.S. Dollars

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    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1891-S About Uncirculated

    1891-S Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated

    A silver dollar encyclopedia estimates that less than 2% of the 1891-S San Francisco issue's original output survives today in mint-state quality. That's an exceptionally low Brilliant Uncirculated survival rate. A very high proportion of this issue's...

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  • U.S. Eisenhower Dollar 1974-S 40% Silver Proof

    1974-S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Proof

    Just 1.3 million were issued in this 40% silver proof quality, the second-lowest proof mintage in the Ike dollar series. Overall, only 6% of Eisenhower dollars were struck in silver and less than half of those in this finest-quality proof form, with...

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  • U.S. Sacagawea Dollar 2005-S Proof

    2005-S Sacagawea Dollar Proof

    The coveted finest-quality proof is the most elusive form of the rarely seen Sacagawea dollar. San Francisco proof issues are only minted as part of the year's proof sets, therefore sets have to be broken up to obtain these coins. Of the 3.3 million...

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  • U.S. Native American Dollar 2014-S Proof

    2014-S Native American Dollar Proof

    Introduced in the 2000 millennium year, the compact Sacagawea dollar hoped to revive the dollar coin in commerce, but the public didn't embrace it. Production drastically dropped and the U.S. Mint decided to continue issuing Sacagawea dollars only in...

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    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1891-S Brilliant Uncirculated

    1891-S Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

    After the first five issues of 1878-1882, mint-state San Francisco Mint Morgan issues tend to be elusive and costly. The only exceptions from 1883 to 1904 are the 1890-S and 1891-S BU issues. However, the 1891-S Morgan's mintage was considerably lower...

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  • U.S. Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1999-P Proof

    1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar Proof

    When the Susan B. Anthony dollar was unexpectedly reintroduced in 1999 it had been 18 years since the previous issue was minted. That's the longest interruption between two coin dates of the same series in U.S. Mint history. Although the new small...

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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1887-S Very Fine

    1887-S Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

    Its 1.8 million San Francisco mintage was far and away the lowest for the date (11 million were struck at New Orleans and 20 million at Philadelphia). Today Very Fine or better circulated specimens (as few as 25,000 may exist) are even tougher to find...

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  • U.S. Peace Silver Dollar 1924-S Very Fine

    1924-S Peace Silver Dollar Very Fine

    In 1924, the San Francisco Mint produced merely 1.7 million Peace silver dollars. That output was a drastic reduction from the average of 18 million for the previous two years, just 9% of the prior year's output. The only other 1924 U.S. Peace dollars...

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  • U.S. 1993-S Jefferson Silver Dollar Proof

    1993-S Jefferson Silver Dollar Proof

    It was struck to honor the 250th anniversary of the birth of Jefferson, the Architect of Democracy. The portrait captures the vision and determination of Jefferson, at the time he drafted the preamble to the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On the...

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