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U.S. Dollars

  • U.S. 1987-S Constitution Silver Dollar Proof

    1987-S Constitution Silver Dollar Proof

    This popular 90% silver dollar was struck to honor the 200th anniversary of America's Constitution. The obverse shows a quill pen, a stack of parchment paper and the famous inscription "We the People" as it appears in the Constitution. Featured on the...

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  • 1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

    Of the 1878-1882 five first San Francisco Mint Morgans considered the best struck in the 95-issue series, this original 1878-S issue is the scarcest overall. It introduced the Morgan silver dollar to the Wild West at a time when the recently opened San...

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    U.S. Eisenhower Dollar 1973-S 40% Silver Brilliant Uncirculated

    1973-S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Brilliant Uncirculated

    The short-lived Eisenhower dollar restored the traditional 38mm size for U.S. dollar coins. But only 5% were struck in 40% silver and originally sold directly to collectors and dealers (those issued for commerce were copper-nickel). Only the San...

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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1878-S About Uncirculated

    1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated

    This historic first date in America's most popular classic silver dollar series was struck from bonanza silver mined in the Wild West. Cowboys were paid just one for a long day's work. Lustrous About Uncirculated quality with just a trace of wear.

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  • U.S. Eisenhower Dollar 1973-S Proof

    1973-S Eisenhower Dollar Proof

    Only 2.8 million of these big impressive 1973 dollar coins were produced by the San Francisco Mint as part of the year's proof set. They are only available individually on a limited basis since proof sets have to be broken up by dealers and collectors to...

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  • U.S. 1988-S Olympic Torch Silver Dollar Proof

    1988-S Olympic Torch Silver Dollar Proof

    Fewer were minted in this finest proof quality than earlier U.S. Olympic silver dollars. The impressive engraving features two hands linking Olympic torches to signify the international co-operation of the games. Laurel and olive branches symbolize...

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    U.S. 1992-S Olympic Baseball Silver Dollar Proof

    1992-S Olympic Baseball Silver Dollar Proof

    Baseball had become an official Olympic competition when the U.S. Mint issued its first tribute to the American-born sport, for the 1992 Summer Games. The obverse's pitcher in motion bore a strong resemblance to a baseball card's depiction of Nolan Ryan,...

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  • U.S. Sacagawea Dollar 2003-S Proof

    2003-S Sacagawea Dollar Proof

    The experimental brass-clad copper dollar was struck for circulation only in 2000 and 2001, but a limited number of these golden-color dollars have been produced for collectors each year since. The coveted finest-quality proof is the most elusive form of...

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