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U.S. Dollars

  • U.S Morgan Silver Dollar 1885-P Extra Fine

    1885-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    Struck by the principal mint in the first decade of the Morgan series, a minimal number of these 1885 Philadelphia dollar survive today in collectible quality. Many were held in reserve when output and were later lost in government melts. Extra Fine...

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  • 1887-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Over 20 million 1887 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollars were struck as mintages were peaking in this popular series. However, a vast number of these were held in storage at the Treasury, and later melted down during the two world wars. Compared to other...

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  • 1896-O Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    This 1896-O issue is extremely elusive today in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, with a silver dollar encyclopedia estimating that less than 2,500 may survive in mint-state condition. You'd pay in the four figures for this issue in mint-state quality, but...

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  • Coin Tubes for Dollars Set of Four: $5.95

    Coin Tubes for Dollars Set of 4

    Perfect for Morgan, Peace and Eisenhower dollars. These archival quality, stay clear plastic tubes are acid free. Easy to open and close, they're a wonderfully compact way to store your coins. Set of 4. Each tube holds 20 coins.

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    U.S. Peace Silver Dollar 1921-P Very Fine

    1921-P Peace Silver Dollar Very Fine

    America's last circulating silver dollar originated in 1921 with an issue struck exclusively by the principal Philadelphia Mint in crisp high-relief, beginning on December 26 and ending on December 31. In 1922, a total of 84 million Peace silver dollars...

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