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    2003 & 2004 U.S. Silver Proof Set Pair

    2003 & 2004 Silver Proof Set Pair

    Unlike regular U.S. proof sets, these silver proof sets feature seven 90% silver issues, including the five statehood quarters, the Roosevelt dime and Kennedy half dollar. Since silver coins have not been minted for circulation since 1964, these sets are...

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    1954 & 1955 U.S. Proof Sets

    1954 & 1955 Proof Set Pair

    Just 233,300 and 378,200 respectively were issued almost 60 years ago. There hasn't been regular U.S. proof set mintages anywhere near as low since. Each 5-coin set features a 90% silver dime, quarter and half dollar as well as a penny and nickel. Some...

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