U.S. Franklin Silver Half Dollar 1954-S Brilliant Uncirculated

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Franklin half dollars can be the perfect choice for coin collectors!

The series had an unexpectedly short run of just 15 years due to the surprising introduction of the Kennedy half in 1964. That makes it relatively easy to put together a full Franklin collection. When Congress authorized the Franklin silver half dollar in 1948, it was expected to be issued for at least 25 consecutive years. But following the tragic loss of President Kennedy, Congress quickly approved a new 1964 Kennedy half dollar, abruptly supplanting the Franklin series. This proved to be America’s last half dollar to be completely struck in traditional 90% silver. This 1954 issue was minted at the San Francisco Mint, and had a very low mintage of just under 5 million. That’s five times less than the Denver mintage of the same year! And even fewer of these coins survive in our Brilliant Uncirculated quality.