U.S. Lincoln Wheat Cent 1934-P Certified MS-65 Red

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For the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the U.S. Mint unveiled the first Lincoln cent in 1909. The coin drew great popular acclaim and no American coin has been more enthusiastically collected. This beloved penny has been issued in every succeeding year åÑ by far, the longest continuous coin series in American history. On the Lincoln penny's 50th anniversary in 1959, the Lincoln Memorial reverse replaced the long-standing Wheatie design. The beloved cent continues to this day with a Shield reverse.

Everyone is familiar with the commonplace penny. But you've probably never seen a specimen as beautiful as these MS-65 Red Lincoln cents. Only a small fraction survive today in this extremely impressive gem and super-gem mint-state quality with much of the original red color intact. Each of these vintage issues, now at least eight decades old, comes housed in a protective slab with official certified MS-65 grading.