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Leave No Can Unturned

May 16th 2019

Saddle Ridge HoardPhotograph by Kagin's Inc. - David McCarthy, Kagin's Inc. under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license You’re out walking your dog with your beloved, enjoying the day, when suddenly somet … read more

A Birthday, Tradition AND A TREASURE HUNT?

Apr 12th 2019

The American Numismatic Association's 96th annual National Coin Week is just around the corner. During the Week of April 21st - 27th 2019, the ANA is celebrating numismatics in discoveries and innovat … read more

An American Oddball

Mar 19th 2019

The Civil War gave birth to a numismatic one hit wonder of sorts. Minted for just 10 short years (well, nine for circulation strikes), the two cent piece was one of America's least popular coins … read more

A Brief Resurrection: The Peace Dollar

Jan 24th 2019

A fantasy restrike of the infamous 1964-D Peace dollar. Image: WikiMedia CommonsA Peace dollar from the 1960s? Get outta here. We all know the Peace dollar series ended in 1935... or did it? Briefly r … read more

Next Stop: Innovation Station

Dec 21st 2018

Hoping to inspire seasoned numismatists and neophyte collectors alike, the United States Mint has just launched a new series of collectible coins. Honoring the movers and shakers that helped shape the … read more