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Money CAN Buy Happiness in the Coin World

Oct 25th 2019

Imagine this: you wake up one day filthy rich. You have more money than you can possibly spend — cash stuffed under your mattress and buried in mason jars all over your sprawling estate(s) and oodles … read more

The Fort Knox of Silver

Sep 26th 2019

The West Point Mint has not always been a mint. Initially opened in 1938 as a silver bullion depository and colloquially called the "Fort Knox of Silver," its importance to the numismatic community ha … read more

Word on the Street

Aug 23rd 2019

Congress is at it again. But this time, perhaps with something that will benefit the numismatic community. Nearly 100 years ago, the Peace dollar was struck for the first time, laying the Morgan serie … read more

A Needle in a Haystack: The West Point Quarter

Jul 9th 2019

It may seem that patience is no longer a virtue. We live in times of instant gratification. With only a few taps on our cell phones, we have access to an infinite amount of knowledge. Even groceries c … read more

Coin Collecting: An Informal Guideline for Beginners

Jun 21st 2019

Are you the numismatic new kid on the block? While the rules are not set in stone when it comes to coin collecting, there are a few things to keep in mind, but remember — ultimately, it's all a matter … read more