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U.S. Gold Coins

  • 2020 1/10-Oz. $5 Gold Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated

    A favorite among collectors and investors, this compact 1/10 ounce $5 gold piece is the most affordable and collected of the U.S. Mint's ongoing American Eagle Gold bullion series. Its gold content and purity is guaranteed by the...

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  • U.S. 2020 1/10 Oz. $5 Gold Eagle Certified MS-70

    Uncirculated coin gradings start at MS-60 and go to MS-70, which is the highest possible mint-state classification assigned by grading services and indicates a coin's essential perfection. This new 2020 compact 1/10 ounce .999 gold piece is the most...

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    U.S. 1856-1889 Gold Dollar Type III Extra Fine

    1856-1889 Indian Head $1 Gold Type III Extra Fine

    Over a hundred times as many Morgan silver dollars were struck for commerce. Depicting an Indian princess (representing Liberty) with fancy headdress, this elegant scarcity was the last of the U.S. Mint's smallest-ever coin. Liberty was enlarged from the...

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    U.S. 1849-1854 Coronet Liberty Gold Dollar Type I Extra Fine

    1849-1854 Coronet Liberty $1 Gold Type I Extra Fine

    America's smallest coin, the gold dollar emerged in the year of the California Gold Rush. Relatively few were struck: only one of this short-lived first type was issued for every 50 later Morgan silver dollars. The Liberty personification is crowned with...

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  • U.S. 1840-1899 $2 1/2 Liberty Extra Fine

    1840-1899 Coronet Liberty $2 1/2 Gold Extra Fine

    Only 12.2 million of these classic gold coins were struck over seven decades. That's vastly fewer than the higher denomination U.S. gold coins of the same period. And today expert opinion holds that as little as 1% of original Coronet Liberty gold...

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  • U.S. 1839-1908 Coronet Liberty $5 Gold Extra Fine

    1839-1908 Coronet Liberty $5 Gold Extra Fine

    The elegant Coronet Liberty $5 gold piece is the most collected U.S. gold coin — and the most affordable! Authoritative opinion holds that perhaps 1% of original mintages survive. The famous Coronet Liberty and Eagle with Shield engravings...

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    U.S. 1849 Coronet Liberty $10 Gold Very Fine

    1849 Coronet Liberty $10 Gold Very Fine

    U.S. 1849 $10 Liberty Head, Very Fine: The year 1849 found the California Gold Rush in full swing. A great migration westward began that eventually led to the mining of gold equal to billions of today's dollars. In 1849, this $10 piece was the largest U...

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