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U.S. Mint Sets

  • U.S. 1953 Mint Set 30 Coins

    1953 Mint Set 30 Coins

    Merely 15,538 sets were issued over 60 years ago. There hasn't been a regular U.S. mint set production anywhere near as low since (they've been up to 187 times higher). Just two years later, the 1955 mint set's output shot up over 300% to 49,656. This...

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  • U.S. 1955 Mint Set 22 Coins

    1955 Mint Set 22 Coins

    With fewer than 50,000 issued, this vintage set is a true find. A full 12 of the BU coins have 90% silver content. Many early U.S. mint sets containing silver coins have been broken up by dealers and collectors. Included are 22 Brilliant Uncirculated...

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  • U.S. 1957 Mint Set 20 Coins

    1957 Mint Set 20 Coins

    Just 34,324 of these sets were minted over six decades ago. Just two years later, over five times as many U.S. mint sets were being produced and outputs later reached into the millions. Included are cents, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars from...

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  • U.S. 1958 Mint Set 20 Coins

    1958 Mint Set 20 Coins

    Only 50,314 were issued. The next year's mintage was over three times higher and succeeding annual outputs up to sixty times greater! It's easily the key rarity among U.S. mint sets over the past 61 years. Included are Philadelphia and Denver Brilliant...

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  • U.S. 1959 Mint Set 10 Coins

    1959 Mint Set 10 Coins

    With a modest mintage of 187,000, the 10-coin 1959 mint set had the lowest output for the past five decades. It's the most affordable set from the first dozen years of the long-running U.S. Mint Set series. U.S. Mint sets contain Uncirculated specimens...

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    1960 & 1964 Mint Set Pair

    1960 Mint Set. Merely 260,485 were issued, the second-lowest U.S. mint set output since that date (only the 1961 mint set had a smaller production in that span). Later mintages in the series were up to 20 times higher. The set includes pristine Brilliant...

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