Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my password change email?
If you have requested a password update and have not received the email you will need to look in your spam and/or promotion folders. You can call 1-800-451-4463 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST for further assistance.

How do I order from a catalog or flier?
All items you find in our current catalogs and fliers are available here with correct prices. You do not need to use your key code.
 Use the search feature to find each item to add to your cart.

How do I order from an advertisement?
Each ad contains a Department number that will qualify your order for FREE SHIPPING. That number, which will start with an N or a B can be entered during check out to give you FREE regular shipping.

How much are shipping and handling costs?
Please click here for shipping information.

How long will it take to receive an order shipping out of the U.S.? 
Due to credit card processing and shipping issues, international orders may take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Due to credit card verification issues, FIRST TIME international orders for NEW CUSTOMERS must use PayPal as the payment method. SIGN UP FOR PAYPAL HERE.

How can I return items I have ordered from you?
Please click here for return information.

What does grading mean and is it important? 
Grading is a vitally important professional evaluation of a coin’s condition, based on official standards of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). ICC’s ANA-trained grading staff upholds the strictest standards, hand-selecting and double-inspecting every coin, so that you get exactly the grade you’re paying for and nothing less. Click here for descriptions of the grades we offer.

How should coins be handled and stored? 
Always hold a coin by its edges, over a soft surface, so it won’t be damaged if it falls. Try never to touch a coin on its obverse or reverse sides, since the oil in your skin can leave fingerprints. It’s recommended that you store coins in a dry place. We generally ship coins in protective envelopes or holders, which provide good permanent storage.

Please Note: Certified coins should never be removed from their cases and are not returnable once removed.

Special Notice on Silver Coins: 
Most mint-state coins carry “bag marks.” These are minor abrasions on otherwise uncirculated coins, caused by contact between coins in a mint distribution bag. Bag marks are especially common on larger coins such as silver dollars. Some of the silver coin specimens you receive may also show minor toning. This is a natural effect of sulphur in the air, which chemically reacts to silver and tones coins’ surfaces. Be assured that this patina does not affect the coins’ value and quality. All of our coins are carefully inspected to insure that they are graded exactly as advertised.