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Explanations of Coin Grades Used on this Site

(based on official standards of the American Numismatic Association)


Good: Heavily Worn. Major designs visible, but with faintness in some areas.

Very Good: Well worn. Bold major designs, absence of fine detailing.

Fine: Moderate even wear, bold entire design with some weaknesses.

Very Fine: Generally light wear, moderate wear at high points.

Extra Fine: All design details sharp, light wear at highest points.

About Uncirculated: Original mint luster with traces of wear at highest points.

Brilliant Uncirculated: Original mint luster with no trace of wear: moderate bag marks. (Our selection ranges from MS-60 to MS-62.)

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated MS-63: Above-average mint luster with no wear and light bag marks.

Near Gem Brilliant Uncirculated MS-64: Exceptional mint luster with no wear and very few contact marks.

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated MS-65: Brilliant luster with no wear and almost unblemished surfaces.

Super-Gem Brilliant Uncirculated MS-66: Super-dazzling luster with no wear and near flawless surfaces.

Perfect Brilliant Uncirculated MS-70: Finest quality possible with fiery luster and no scratches, bag marks or trace of wear.

Proof: Specially made coin, double-struck on mirror-finish coin blanks, generally with frosted designs.