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    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1881-P Certified MS64

    1881-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    The U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia estimates that as few as 175,000 BUs may survive from the 1881 Philadelphia Morgan dollar's original mintage of 9,163,000. That's less than 2% — and far fewer of those qualify for the premium grade we are...

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    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1883-P Certified MS-63

    1883-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Morgan mintages steadily rose in the 1880s when silver was still pouring out of the Western mines, but unlike other coins of the day, many 1883 Philadelphia issues were held in reserve and later lost in government melts. Because of this, original...

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    1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    1892-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. It's the second rarest Morgan circulation issue in mint-state quality. BU specimens sell for over $50,000 when they can be found! However, this San Francisco Mint issue is reasonably affordable in...

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    1936 Gettysburg Silver Half Dollar MS-63

    In the midst of the Great Depression, just 26,928 of these silver half dollars were minted, making this a key scarcity in the classic commemorative series. Recent half dollar commemorative coins have productions many, many times that number! Shown are...

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    1953 $2 Red Seal Banknote Very Good

    These historic two dollar bills feature Thomas Jefferson and Monticello with red overprints and a red seal on the right hand side of the bill.

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