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Three Different U.S. Buffalo Nickels Ì´ÌÔ The beloved Buffalo nickel was the last coin with a Wild West flavor used in American commerce. Shown is a composite portrait of three aged Indian chiefs. The buffalo on the reverse is actually a bison modeled on Black Diamond of the New York Central Park Zoo. These historic treasures are quickly fading from view. We'll choose three different 1913-1938 dates in well-traveled Good quality.

Set of Three Different U.S. Indian Head Pennies, 1859-1909 Ì´ÌÔ The Indian Head penny holds an important place in U.S. coin history. The first long-lived small cent, the coin's conveniently compact size and quintessentially American design ensured its enduring popularity. The Indian Princess engraving represents Liberty. Our set includes three different dates of our choice in Good or better quality.