U.S. 1875-1878 Twenty Cent Silver Seated Liberty Fine

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This quickly retired 1875-1878 U.S. silver 20 cent denomination was struck for the Old West, where 5 cent and 10 cent pieces were in short supply (none were minted in the West at that time). However, the Seated Liberty obverse was identical to that of the quarter then in use, and the close approximation in size proved to be too confusing in commerce. The unique eagle engraving of the 20 cent piece's reverse was meant to help distinguish it from the quarter, whose eagle faced in the other direction. Also differing from the quarter, the motto IN GOD WE TRUST did not appear above this distinctive eagle. But these subtle differences weren't enough to prevent the fast retirement of this interesting and elusive coin. Our well-preserved Fine quality saw limited circulation during the exciting Wild West era. Our choice of date.