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    1913-1938 Buffalo Nickels 10 Different in Folder Image 1

    1913-1938 Buffalo Nickels 10 Different in Folder

    The last and most realistic Indian Head coin struck for American commerce features a stoical composite of three actual chiefs. Buffalo is a misnomer for the reverse which actually shows a bison. Well-traveled Good quality. Free folder. Our choice of...

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    Liberty Head Barber Dimes 10 Different Good Image 1

    Liberty Head Barber Dimes 10 Different Good

    There were never enough to go around in the heyday of the dime store when they could buy lots of useful items. Liberty bust obverse, agricultural wreath reverse. Good quality. Free folder included. Our choice of dates.

    Was: $125.00
    Now: $99.00
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  • Five Coin Heritage Collector Set Image 1

    Heritage Collector's Set 5 Coin

    Own five beloved U.S. Mint coins from America's great past, including three 90% silver classics. This set features some favorite designs that are no longer found in circulation. We've included an 1859-1909 Indian Head cent, 1913-1938 Buffalo...

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  • 5 Coin Legacy Collector Set Image 1

    Legacy Collectorl's Set 5 Coin

    This vintage set includes the 1857-1858 Flying Eagle cent, 1866-1883 Shield nickel, 1837-1891 Seated Liberty silver dime, 1838-1891 Seated Liberty silver quarter and 1839-1891 Seated Liberty silver half dollar in average circulated condition.

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  • 5 Coin Treasury Collector Set Image 1

    Treasury Collector's Set 5 Coin

    Long out of circulation, most Americans have never seen these classic U.S. coins. Minted from 1859-1916, each features a beautiful Liberty engraving. Included in this collector's set is a specimen from each of the following series: 1859-1909 Indian Head...

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