America's First Silver Dollar 8 Reale Fine

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Minted from 1772 to 1825 in silver-rich New Spain, this famous coin was by far the most favored silver dollar of the 13 Colonies. Even after U.S. Mint silver dollars were issued, this silver-laden coin remained legal-tender in the U.S. until 1857. Denominated 8 reales, it was the foundation of our silver coinage system (hence the expression two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar). The U.S. dollar sign ($) is believed to derive from the scroll-effect on the reverse side. The other side displayed the Bourbon ruler of the period. Only a tiny fraction of original 1772-1825 silver 8 reales have survived to our day in Fine quality, retaining bold designs and clear inscriptions. Many were carried to the Far East for use in the China Trade. Each carries light chopmarks of Chinese merchants used to test the solid silver content.