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A Needle in a Haystack: The West Point Quarter

A Needle in a Haystack: The West Point Quarter

Jul 9th 2019

It may seem that patience is no longer a virtue. We live in times of instant gratification. With only a few taps on our cell phones, we have access to an infinite amount of knowledge. Even groceries can be delivered to your doorstep only hours after ordering them on the web. So, why can't you readily buy a West Point quarter that doesn't cost a fortune?

An excellent question, but one that needs to be prefaced with background information. This past spring — for the first time ever, the U.S. Mint released quarters into commerce issued from the West Point Mint, proudly displaying the W. Although technically, the West Point branch has output quarters in the past, they were always sans mintmark, making them indistinguishable from Philadelphia's. By year's end, West Point will strike 10 million quarters with the W mintmark that will be divided among the five 2019 America the Beautiful designs.

You might be wondering why you haven't seen these special quarters for sale. The Mint is only distributing these W-marked quarters mixed in with bulk bags from Philadelphia and Denver to banks and financial institutions, which will then go directly into commerce.

So, what's the point? With only approximately 1% of the total quarters to be issued in 2019 bearing the W mintmark, finding one will be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. The Mint hopes to spark the American public's interest in coin collecting the old fashioned way — by essentially making it a treasure hunt.

Sure, you can find a few of these quarters selling for many times their face value, but what's the fun in that? Don't forget your roots! Many collectors have humble beginnings — chances are good that once upon a time, they were bit by the numismatic bug while sorting through lowly pocket change!

Have you been lucky enough to find a West Point issued quarter yet? If so, head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Happy coin hunting!