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U.S. Dollars

  • 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated

    1886-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, About Uncirculated. Just 1% of this issue's mintage is estimated to remain today. Mint-state specimens sell for about $2,750! You'll pay well below one-tenth of that price for this one-step lower About...

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  • 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-61

    Although mintage numbers should give the impression that this issue should be somewhat common, it has proved to be especially scarce in mint-state quality. A good number of specimens were released into commerce after production and worn to circulated...

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  • 1887-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Over 20 million 1887 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollars were struck as mintages were peaking in this popular series. However, a vast number of these were held in storage at the Treasury, and later melted down during the two world wars. Compared to other...

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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1888-O Certified MS63

    1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Comparatively few of this O-mintmark issue have survived in mint-state quality. Some earlier issues are up to 20 times as available. As few as 64,000 of the 1888-O Morgan are estimated by a silver dollar encyclopedia to exist today in this Choice...

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    1888-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    1888 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. Morgan mintages peaked in the 1880s, when the Philadelphia Mint was turning out about 20 million silver dollars per year. A vast number of these coins were held in storage and later melted down during...

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    1888-P, 1892-O & 1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar Trio Very Fine

    1888 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar, Very Fine. This Philadelphia Morgan had an original mintage of 19.2 million. However, a disproportionate number were lost in the vast U.S. Treasury melts of the 20th century and more have certainly disappeared...

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