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U.S. Nickels

  • 1883 Gold Plated Liberty V Nickel

    In 1883, the new Liberty Head nickel's five cent denomination was noted with only a large Roman numeral V. Swindlers quickly began to gold plate some of the new coins to pass off as $5 gold pieces. The U.S. Mint revised the design and added the word...

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    1912-D Liberty Head Nickel Good

    Fewer than a million were produced almost a century ago, during the last year of issue for the series. It was the only year specimens were struck at the Denver branch mint. Over three times as many were output in Philadelphia that year. Good quality.

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    U.S. Buffalo Nickel 1913 Type I & 1913-1938 Type II Pair

    1913 Buffalo Nickel Type I & 1913-1938 Type II Pair

    Everyone loves the Buffalo nickel, but few collectors are aware of the fact that the U.S. Mint had a problem with the original engraving. The first 1913 Buffalo nickel was quickly recalled because its raised mound created stacking problems in banks. It's...

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  • U.S. 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickels Good 3 Different

    1913-1938 Buffalo Nickels 3 Different Good

    This beloved coin was the last with a Wild West flavor used in American commerce. The stoical Native American was a composite of three actual chiefs. The buffalo on the reverse is actually a bison modeled on Black Diamond of the New York Central Park Zoo...

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  • U.S. 1930-1938 Buffalo Nickel 15 Coin Set Fine

    1930-1938 Buffalo Nickel 15 Coin Set Fine

    The stoical Indian chief spoke volumes during the hard Depression years, when this coin could buy a cup of coffee. Our set includes all 15 issues from 1930 until the last 1938 date Ì´ÌÔ every Philadelphia and Denver (D mintmark) issue of the decade. Fine...

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    U.S. 1938 Buffalo & Jefferson Nickels Good

    1938 Buffalo & 1938 Jefferson Nickel Pair Good

    These radically different nickels share this overlapping date. The Buffalo nickel, first issued in 1913, was designed by the famous sculptor James E. Fraser. Three different Indian chiefs inspired the realistic obverse portrait. The reverse was modeled...

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