U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1880-CC Very Fine

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Carson City
Very Fine
90% Silver

This early Carson City Morgan dollar is a real treasure of the Old West - it's far and away the most elusive for the date. Although located near the Comstock Lode in Nevada, the small Carson City Mint suffered from temporary shortages of silver in 1880, because most silver mined nearby was shipped to San Francisco. As a result, no Morgan silver dollars were struck at Carson City from January to May, 1880. The total minted there for the year was merely 495,000 - compared to 12.6 million at Philadelphia, 5.3 million at New Orleans and 9.2 million at San Francisco. Today far fewer survive, mostly in mint-state quality (preserved in Treasury bags). Perhaps as few as 2,500 exist in our lightly circulated Very Fine quality.