U.S. Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1999-P Proof

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San Francisco
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When the Susan B. Anthony dollar was unexpectedly reintroduced in 1999 it had been 18 years since the previous issue was minted. That's the longest interruption between two coin dates of the same series in U.S. Mint history. Although the new small Sacagawea dollar was to debut the very next year, additional dollar coins were need to meet the needs of vending machines.

This 1999 proof dollar is also unusual because it is was not part of the years proof set, which did not contain a dollar coin at all. And unlike most modern proof coins it was produced at the principal mint in Philadelphia not at the San Francisco branch mint.

Issued to honor Women's Rights leader, Susan B. Anthony who fought for women's suffrage in the 19th century, this was the first instance a woman of historical significance appearing on a circulating U.S. coin. The copper-nickel inaugural small dollar didn't catch on in commerce, as dollar bills were not phased out and the coin closely resembled the quarter in color and size.