U.S. Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1945-P Very Fine

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Very Fine
90% Silver
A magnificent Liberty, clad in the American flag, confidently strides towards a new dawn. On the reverse is a magnificent American Eagle with outstretched wings. Regarded as America's finest silver coin design, this superlative silver half dollar was up for retirement after 1941, but Congress decided to extend the patriotic coin through World War II.

From 1916 to 1947 the Walker ushered Americans through two world wars, the Great Depression and into the Cold War era.

The strong purchasing power of these half dollars in their day means that many were heavily circulated in commerce. Therefore, fewer are available today in collectible quality. And you very, very rarely find them in pocket change anymore.

This nicely detailed Very Fine quality 1945 issue saw only light circulation at a time when a big silver Walker could buy a good lunch or even a dinner.