U.S. Washington Silver Quarter 1954-P Brilliant Uncirculated

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Recent commemorative quarter offerings have brought new interest to the original Washington quarter series. That first presidential quarter dollar was specially struck in 1932 to commemorate George Washington's 200th birthday. It proved so popular with the American public that it inspired the regular series that continues in a revised form today.

Classic Washington quarters minted from 1932 to 1964 are especially prized as they were created with traditionally 90% silver content. Many of those silver rich coins have been melted as silver prices have risen.

As a small denomination quarters have always been a bulwark of commerce and were generally well circulated when issued. Today, only a fraction of these early silver issues qualify for this impressive Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

Now over six decades old, many of these 1954 Philadelphia issues have been lost over the years to attrition and silver melts. Its mintage of just 54,412,203 is minuscule compared to the number of quarters produced annually today.