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  • 1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    Every Morgan collector should own a highly graded 'near gem' coin... Just a fraction of all mint-state Morgan silver dollars survive in connoisseur MS-64 quality, with extraordinarily deep luster and only trifling surface flaws. This 1884-O New Orleans...

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  • 1884-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    Morgan mintages steadily rose in the 1880s, as silver was pouring out of the great Western mines. But many were held in reserve and vast quantities later lost in government melts. So original mintages can be very deceiving in relation to the actual...

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  • 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    This issue's production of just 228,000 was the lowest Carson City mintage of the entire 28-coin series. That year, outputs from the three other mints ranged from 1.4 million to 17.7 million. Many 1885-CC dollars have been lost to melts and attrition,...

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  • U.S. 1887-1909 Indian Head Cent Set of 3 Different Good

    1887-1909 Indian Head Cent Set of 3 Different Good

    Everyone loves this classic U.S. Mint penny, whose Indian Princess design has a quintessentially American look. The reverse displays the U.S. Shield and laurel wreath which originated in 1860, on the eve of the Civil War. We'll choose three different...

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  • 1887-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Over 20 million 1887 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollars were struck as mintages were peaking in this popular series. However, a vast number of these were held in storage at the Treasury, and later melted down during the two world wars. Compared to other...

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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1888-O Certified MS63

    1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Comparatively few of this O-mintmark issue have survived in mint-state quality. Some earlier issues are up to 20 times as available. As few as 64,000 of the 1888-O Morgan are estimated by a silver dollar encyclopedia to exist today in this Choice...

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    1888-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    1888 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar, Extra Fine. Morgan mintages peaked in the 1880s, when the Philadelphia Mint was turning out about 20 million silver dollars per year. A vast number of these coins were held in storage and later melted down during...

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    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1890-P Certified MS-64

    1890-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    It's a dream of many collectors to own at least one near-gem MS-64 Morgan silver dollar, but only a small fraction of Morgans qualify for this superior grade. An extremely limited number of specimens are available in this connoisseur grade for this...

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  • 1898-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    Before the final Treasury bags were released in the 1960s, the 1898-O Morgan dollar was one of the great rarities in the series. Even average mint-state quality commanded hundreds of dollars. Today in this certified connoisseur MS-64 grading, it's far...

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