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  • 1974-S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Proof Image 1

    1974-S Eisenhower 40% Silver Dollar Proof

    Just 1.3 million were issued in this 40% silver proof quality, the second-lowest proof mintage in the Ike dollar series. Overall, only 6% of Eisenhower dollars were struck in silver and less than half of those in this finest-quality proof form, with...

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  • 1996 Mint Set 11 Coins Image 1

    1996 Mint Set 11 Coins

    The U.S. branch mint at West Point had previously struck only some modern commemoratives and silver and gold eagles. To honor the 50th year of the Roosevelt series, in 1996 a regular Brilliant Uncirculated dime was planned with the distinctive "W"...

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  • Genuine Gulf War Leaflets

    Genuine Gulf War Leaflets

    During the first Gulf War Americans dropped bombs over Iraq filled with... paper. Fiberglass bombs were stuffed with thousands of leaflets that contained anti-Hussein propaganda conjured up by the CIA's PSYOPS division. They were created with the...

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